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“Gay Panic” Defense in Brutal Murder of Gay Teen

November 17, 2009

The Examiner is reporting that the defendant in the murder of gay teen Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, 19, who “was brutally dismembered, beheaded, and burned when his body was found this past Saturday.”  The report goes on to say: “a man in custody in Puerto Rico for the heinous murder of a teenage boy is claiming he thought the boy was a woman, and police say he’s likely to use the ‘homosexual panic’ defense in his trial for the murder, arguing temporary insanity.” said suspect “Martinez Matos was ‘looking for women”’in a red light district last Friday. He had already been turned down several times, but Lopez Mercado, wearing a blue dress and boots, agreed to get in his car.”

Sadly, the “gay panic” defense still is used by murders and defense attorneys as a “get of of jail free” card.  I hope the jury in the presumptive trial recognizes hate is hate, and murder is murder, period.

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